World Laughter Day EXTRA

A Mr. Ohh’s sideways view EXTRA. Wow people is this ever exciting.

Today is world laughter day and I truly feel I’m not doing my share. Earlier I went outside, stood in the yard and threw pies in people’s faces, but the pedestrian community I live in just called the cops. The fine wasn’t too bad but the police told to celebrate the holiday a bit more privately. Un daunted I went to my local shopping center and told jokes. The manager told me to leave. People just aren’t in the spirit.

I went inside and listened to Abbot and Costello for a while then remembered that a friend and I actually preformed a Similar bit way back when. So In the spirit of World Laughter Day Let me present to you an Abbot and Costello Bit never recorded by them.

Please Enjoy it and Laugh Loudly!! It’s your right


22 thoughts on “World Laughter Day EXTRA

  1. peanutbuttersandwiches_

    Throwing pies at people’s faces is, in my opinion, a fantastic way to celebrate World Laughter Day. Those people don’t know what they’re doing!!
    XD XD!!

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      1. peanutbuttersandwiches_

        Hmm… Average temperature’s -60°C. Won’t a coat and a hat suffice?? Throw in mittens if required.
        (Joking. I live in India. I am terrible with the cold. I feel the need to put on a jacket for a temperature below 20°C. Surviving -60°C is a few lifetimes away.)

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      2. peanutbuttersandwiches_

        Well, there’s definitely parts of India that get far colder… But I live in Mumbai, which is right by the sea. The lowest it’s been here is 14°C, but in the summers, the temperature hovers around 34°C-40°C. It gets cooler in the nights!!

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  2. Is this the clip you meant? If so, I don’t think it’s a patch on the original duo….

    [Hint: if you play the actual clip in your browser and copy-paste its address into your post (instead of a search query) WordPress should embed it directly.]

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