Flipping The Santa Switch

I would like to take a moment of silence for the forgotten holiday in the United States. I’d like to, but I forgot about it. Not really but it sounded good. The forgotten holiday is Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why the great Abraham Lincoln established a national holiday dedicated to overeating and football, but there …

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It’s Not That Bad… It’s So Much Worse

Last year I was in a bar, or pub, biergarten, club, or whatever, for my international followers. Don’t say I never think of you people. Though I still don’t understand why English isn’t English the world over, I still love and respect you. Actually. I’m not sure they use English in the southern US, but …

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Thirty Two Dollars and Twenty Seven Cents

It’s done!!!!! I no longer must endure the medical tyranny which has been thrust upon my poor unfortunate soul. Free from the constant horror of mysterious calls at all hours of the day. Liberated from a blood debt so strong it has plagued my family for generations. Well not really, but it’s been a while.  …

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