Let’s Do Lunch, Or Better Yet Let’s Text About Doing Lunch

Think about the word “Thread.” Got it in your mind? Good. Now, what did you think of? Some of you probably pictured a thin colored string used to weave cloth, make fabric items, repair clothing, or sew that annoying guy across the room’s mouth shut. Although the thing you’d use in that last application would …

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Sorry Sir, It’s Not ‘The Apprentice’

Here’s a shocker. The president hates the news media. But this is okay because the media hates him back. It’s nice and fair that way. In fact, I am quite enjoying the tennis-like back and forth between the two. It’s really quite exciting. Volley after folly they snap at each other like dogs, then suddenly …

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Pitfalls in Dining Out

Well don’t I feel sheepish! Ewe better believe I do. I was feeling fine until I was ram-ed by the truth. It humbled me into a kid instead of the old goat I am. Oh and it was such a boar. Well it’s time to adjust, sit down on the cow-ch and get past this moo-ving experience. Farm animal puns aside, while the last paragraph was …

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