My Project Finally Some New Hoilday Songs

Hi everyone here’s a Mr. Ohh! extra and I have a favor to ask all of you

If you’ve loved my stuff I have weirrten an Album called Finally SomeNew Holiday Songs (no duh iot’s written at the top) Anyway I’ve taken 10 modern songs and turned them into Christmas songs most fo my followers probably already know of Puttin On The Elf and Merry Chris-Mess. If you don’t here they are

Puttin On The Elf
My Merry Chris-Mess

Well I’ve gove to to get the financing. here’s the link. My Page Check it out.

There’s no obligation but if you’d like to donate to my project Thanks very much. As always all I ask is that you smile and laugh and this is just another way ofv me taking it to the people.

Thanks for reading and even more thanks if you decide to donate.


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