You’d Think They’d Have A Bigger Vocabulary??

Maybe I shouldn’t read articles

I once read an article which stated; Humans only use about ten percent of their brain capacity. Now I’m not a scientist, but I find this unbelievable. I think this is just one of those things that some great person said so that sci-fi writers could have a starting point. I’ve seen lots of books where a human gains a hundred percent of their brain power, and it always goes bad. Sometimes they’re absorbed into a computer, or they might develop telekinetic abilities, go power crazy and have to be destroyed. If they are able to do good in the world, a black van shows up and takes them away. The moral of that story is clear. People are not allowed to do good in the world.

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This is why I have always been a world class underachiever. You never read in books of black vans showing up and kidnapping underachievers. In fact, we are a sought-after commodity in election years. You can probably figure out why. However, if I spend a lot of time explaining this I’ll get to far away from the point, and forget why I started all this. So, I’ll just get back to it.

They make me look at people too hard

 The point is, I seriously question how science came up with this ten percent number. I was in retail electronics for twenty years, and had the chance to evaluate a whole lot of folks. Frankly, most of the customers I waited on were using far less. In many cases my guess would have been two to four percent. Much of the time, I was surprised they were using enough brain power to walk erect, let alone use intelligent speech. Not to be rude, but if me and my underachiever friends are using ten percent and these folks were supposedly better than us, the world is in a lot of trouble. My biggest fear is they’re building electronic devices of one kind or another. Can you say, “Mad Scientist”?? Sure, I knew you could.

Then there’s folks who sing Karaoke. These people are a true enigma. Has science ever answered this question? Does it require more or less brain power to stand up and make a fool of yourself in front of a bar, or pub full of people? Does the power percentage change if you can sing versus those who can’t carry a tune in a bucket? Also, what is the effect of alcohol on brain percentages? I mean a serious study should be done. There are so many variables. Is the person sitting, egging his friend on to the stage, using a higher percentage of his brain, or less? Then again, is the person singing gaining endorphins? And does that raise their brain status? I have seen the government do hundreds of stupid studies but they never seem to come close to the stuff I want to know.

Also I ask too many questions

Then, consider the fact that if we’re only using part of our brains, what happens when we fill it up? Think about it. Way back when, if you knew how to spear a fish, and put seeds in the ground, Ten percent was probably good enough. However, these days we have be able to drive cars, operate computers, find excuses to avoid taking out the garbage, post, find other peoples, and then repost cute cat videos. It’s all quite daunting for that little ten percent who, in caveman days, didn’t even have understand speech.

I bring this all up, because I believe our brains are getting full and we need to do something about it. The problem is college. Our mediocre brains were never meant to go to college. Sure, I turned out all right, but frankly I never paid attention while I was there. When I was in high school, I noticed a lot of the cute girls were going, so I followed along. I don’t mean to be misogynistic, but following girls is an ancient thing, and you don’t need ten percent of your brain to do it. I figure it takes less than point-ohh-ohh-one-percent, but again this is something I’d like to know, that no scientist has ever done research on.

My college bound family may dissagree

A better example would be my two sons. Like their mother, they got good grades in high school, and were selected to go to premier colleges. Years ago, when in middle school, both of them talked a lot. So much so, that I wished they would shut up once in a while. Then they grew and went to college. Now, they speak like cave men, and run to their rooms the moment they get home, as if they’re afraid of the light. My wife says they’re just going through a phase. I say their brain is too full and things are starting to fall out. I read a paper my son wrote, and it’s brilliant, yet he speaks in grunts. Spoken language has fallen out of his brain like a glass which has been overfilled with water.

I’m afraid if they spend too much time there, other things will be lost as well. Think about it. Have you ever seen pictures of a college graduation? All of them are wearing dresses and flat hats. Their brains are so full, they’ve all forgotten how to dress themselves. They wrap themselves in similar colored sheets like a Neanderthal wrapping himself in furs. Of course, I can’t explain the flat hats, but then again, I don’t think anybody can. Another great question some scientist needs to check out.

What if the problem is forever?

Also, I’ve noticed the damage is long term. Look at all those thousands of college alumni, gathering together once a week to rip the meat off of chicken wings with their teeth, pour fermented barley water down their throats, and scream, “Football GoooD!!” These are supposed to be highly educated people.

The only explanation I can see is they’ve used up their ten percent. It’s even worse when you remember that alcohol destroys brain cells. This research was done, thank you very much. So, they may be down to nine or even eight percent. Again, underachievers rock!

As usual it comes down to my daughter

I was at me daughter’s school conferences the other day and the first teacher told me, “Your daughter is a delight to have in class.” I was smiling proudly until the second, third, and fourth all said the same thing. She’s a delight. After all of them saying the same thing, I have lost all faith in the comment. They haven’t seen her at home. She is a lot of things but a delight is not one of them.

Next, as they all said the same thing, I have to believe, this is all they know. All other compliments have fallen from their heads due to continuing education and only using ten percent of their brains.

Then there’s athlete’s telling us they’re giving a hundred and ten percent. They can’t do that. They only have ten to start with, but they can’t say that. The knowledge was lost in college.

Well, to my fans I say this. You can be assured that I will always give a full ten percent to this blog.

How about a cup?

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14 thoughts on “You’d Think They’d Have A Bigger Vocabulary??

  1. This one took me back in time: I say their brain is too full and things are starting to fall out.
    At uni we would joke that the brain is like a glas of water; it can only fit so much. That explained to us why our professors could come up with the most mind boggling stuff but not turn on a piece of electrical equipment or figure out which way doors open.
    You Sir, are a smart man indeed 🙂

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